Sometimes the journey is the destination.

On July 15th, 2015, join us on a private train full of Ontario startups hurtling towards Startup Festival in Montreal.

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What is this thing?

For our fourth year in a row we've booked first class train cars to ship startups, investors, and the startup curious from the Toronto area to Montreal's International Startup Festival.

Startup festival

Joining us are some of Canada's best-known investors and advisors. We supply drinks and food; you meet, connect and spend focused time with the rockstars of the startup scene.

Who was on last year's train?

Why the train?

You can attend Montreal’s International Startup Festival with a few friends, attend some talks, walk the floor, bump into some new people but will you dodge the boondoggles?

Let’s face it, you no longer have a boss paying you to attend these conferences. Simply "attending" this conference isn’t enough. The Startup Train is your opportunity to get organized with 100+ Ontario startup junkies ahead of time. Together we’re going to bleed every drop of opportunity available to us. Our pre-events, online shared space, Ontario Startup Tent, etc. are all geared towards us leveraging the real opportunity that Startup Festival presents.

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All tickets include first class travel from Toronto to Montreal and full access to the International Startup Festival

We do have train-only tickets for folks who already have their festival ticket or can't stay for the entire festival. Contact us directly about train-only options.

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